Would a world with no advertising be better for authors?

Grab a cup of tea and a comfy chair, because we’re going to talk about Facebook ads.

And social media in general.

Every so often a new social media site will pop up.

Actually they pop up way more often than that, but only a few get enough support to breach the collective consciousness. They have a great new format for their posts, they offer cute filters, or they focus on a certain niche. Whatever the reason, suddenly everyone is talking about it. This is totally natural and fun.


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How can I support my family without working crazy long hours?

I’ve hit some milestones in my writing career.

Bestseller lists. Six figures in a month. One million books sold. Those things are fun but not necessarily groundbreaking. After all, there are authors hitting even higher on even more impressive bestseller lists. Authors who can make seven figures a month.

There are authors who’ve sold two and three million books.

The things I've done? Good, but all in the realm of doable.

The thing that’s met with surprise, and sometimes...

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Who can I hire to run my Facebook ads for me?

There once was a florist.

She went to coffee shops and asked permission to place arrangements on the tables along with a stack of her business cards. The shop got the benefit of ambiance they could not otherwise afford.

The florist got new customers.

Here’s the cool part: she went back to the shops at the end of the week and looked at how many business cards remained. If most of the cards were gone, then she knew the flowers were doing their job and she would continue doing it, week...

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