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How to Choose the Clickiest Cover

"My book has great reviews, but it isn't selling that many copies."

Has that ever happened to you?

There are two parts to the selling equation: visibility and conversion. Visibility includes things like Facebook ads and TikTok. Those things are important, but the truth is they are not enough. Your book cover might work great for your existing fans... but you already have them. The question is: Does your book cover convert new readers?

You could ask your author friends, but that's anecdotal. You could poll your reader group, but their opinion is biased. Instead use data to figure out what really makes readers click.

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Author Ads Intensive

This course will give you the tools to create Facebook ads that find NEW readers and build an audience that will support your career for years. You don’t have to suffer for your art. Readers are looking for your books. They want to buy your books–first, they have to know they exist.

With Facebook ads, we can create ads that return your spend at least double. Sometimes triple or quadruple. If you could hand someone $10 and get back $20, would you do it? Would you do it again? Would you keep doing it every day? That’s the power of Facebook ads.


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