What if you could accomplish that while also doubling, tripling, or quadrupling, your money? There are ads returning 10X ROI. This is the power of Facebook ads.

My name is Skye Warren, and I’m a New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance. Facebook ads allowed me to transform my business from one of struggle and long hours and fear that I wouldn't make enough to pay the mortgage... to one with a 7-figure income while working an average of 4-hours a day. (Learn more about me below.)

Seeing what was possible opened my eyes to the truth: every author could experience this freedom and security if they knew how to use Facebook ads. So I created this course. A one month intensive workshop that has helped nearly 600 authors just like you to see their sales skyrocket and turn their passion into reliable profit.

Like Charlotte Byrd, a contemporary romance author, who was seeing her sales dwindle to $2000 a month before enrolling in the course. Within weeks, she began consistently earning over $25,000 in profit each month – – that is actual profit, not just sales.

Or TK Leigh, a USA Today bestselling author who went from seeing little success in her Facebook ads to earning 4x ROI or more on every single ad she runs. Or Giana Darling and KC Klein who each saw a 300% return on their investment after completing the course.

If I told you for every $10 you handed me I would give you back $20…How many times would you do it?

That’s the story of this course.

Some authors tell me they don’t have time to do Facebook ads. Who doesn’t have time to turn $10 into $20? Or $100 into $200? Yes, even $1,000 into $2,000? And once you’ve got the hang of it…you can experience that investment alchemy consistently for only 15 minutes a day. Are you ready to change your business?


You pour your heart and soul into them. You study craft and hire editors and pull your hair out over deadlines. Why shouldn't you also get paid well?


The income roller coaster can also be emotional. It's great to have a baseline that you can count on every month, so you can focus on your writing.


Stop worrying about changes to the algorithm or the book world. Once you're in control of your book sales, those things don't matter.


This course will give you the tools to create Facebook ads that find NEW readers and build an audience that will support your career for years. You don’t have to suffer for your art. Readers are looking for your books. They want to buy your books–first, they have to know they exist.

With Facebook ads, we can create ads that return your spend at least double. Sometimes triple or quadruple. If you could hand someone $10 and get back $20, would you do it? Would you do it again? Would you keep doing it every day? That’s the power of Facebook ads. And it’s a highly scalable medium, so it is not capped at ten dollars. You can turn one hundred dollars into two. One thousand dollars into two. Some authors tell me they don’t have time to do Facebook ads. Who doesn’t have time to turn $10 into $20?

You’re already spending time on marketing. (Ever posted on social media or participated in a Facebook party or boxed set?) Almost anything other than writing counts as marketing – and most of them don’t have the possibility of doubling your book sales.

That means you’re actually losing money with every minute you spend on them if you don’t have effective, profitable ads also running.


The intensive will teach you how to create effective ads to sell more books.

❧ How to make emotive AD IMAGES, the kind that produce more clicks from your ideal readers, even if you don’t have amazing graphic design skills
❧ How to write COPY that makes readers one-click, including the most compelling taglines about your characters so you draw in the reader looking for your books
❧ How to TARGET the right interests and audiences that are right for your books and find out which ones are actually buying the books
❧ What does the data in the ads dashboard mean, and more importantly, how can you mine that data for useful information about what to try next?
❧ Audiences, lookalikes, and pixels – oh my! How do you work the bells and whistles of advertising to your advantage? We'll cover this as well as the iOS changes.
❧ How to sell books that are too SEXY for Facebook, whether that’s the book cover or the text. What to do with the dreaded rejected ads.

Profitable ads are only the beginning. ONCE YOU HAVE THEM, we’ll also cover…
❧ Strategies to make a profitable ad last longer so you’re not always churning through content or wondering if they're even doing anything.
❧ The right strategy to scale up your spend, so you can keep them profitable. If you already have profitable ads, you might be leaving money on the table.
❧ Facebook ads as part of a new release strategy (Seriously, though, it’s completely different than backlist books)

I’m Skye Warren, New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance.

My author business started as a five-figure struggle with long hours and a constant fear I wouldn’t make enough to pay the mortgage. Investing both time and money into learning Facebook ads is what transformed my business into a comfortable six-figure salary with room to sleep in and close up shop at 2 pm for school pick up.

There are people who make more money from “teaching” than from book sales. Which means they don’t have the experience of being a consistent bestselling author. They’re guessing. Sometimes they guess wrong. That’s why it’s important that I share what I make from ads, even though it’s scary to make myself vulnerable in that way.

For the past four years, I spent around $150K on Facebook ads and earned in the high six figures.

In 2018 I pushed my spend to $175K on Facebook ads.

And passed the seven figure mark in income for the first time.

Why do I want to share this with you? Because Facebook ads work. Even if you don’t take this class, I want you to know what’s possible. I want you to have that tool so you’re not at the mercy of an everchanging industry and the scary global environment.

I’ve had full priced new releases hit the USA Today list 18 times. That doesn’t count the anthologies, boxed sets, and sale prices. I don’t say this to brag, but because I want you to know I’m speaking from actual experience.

In fact my book MATING THEORY hit high on the list when toilet paper could not be found on shelves.

Even in light of COVID. Even in an economic recession.

My last release, PRIVATE PROPERTY, hit the list again. Then STRICT CONFIDENCE did better than any single full-priced new release in my ten-year publishing history. These times are hard, but you can still have a secure income.

I started writing like you, publishing books I love, wondering if I could make this work, and have now sold over 2 million copies. You can continue earning a comfortable living for your family from home.

You control your career, the same way I control mine.

"Right before I enrolled in your class last April, my sales were really started to dwindle to like $2,000 a month. Things have really turned around a LOT since then. I had been making five figures in profit every month since last August. I am just blown away."


"I have to tell you, this has been one of THE MOST informative, helpful, and actionable classes I've taken in ages. It came along at the perfect time for me and where I am with my business, and already has helped me immensely."


"I learned so much from this class and your teaching style. Even though I learned a lot about the FB Ads themselves (and got down to $0.08 a click…something that I've NEVER been able to do before), my biggest takeaway was about marketing strategy in general."


"I've only watched video one but you've already shared FAR, FAR more than was the original scope of this course, and the worth, for me, has already massively exceeded the course price."


"I had my best year ever last year thanks to this FB class. Best year ever. Times 5. Learning about creatives and ad copy helped me turn non-performing ads into profitable ones."


"Skye Warren used real-life ad examples and delved into the numbers, and it was exactly what I needed to get going. Because of her class, I've been able to run profitable ads to my backlist books, and I've used FB ads to launch new books."



It costs around what you would spend on a Contemporary Romance 99 cent BookBub, which is an important benchmark. With consistently profitable Facebook ads you can create the sell through equivalent to a BookBub ad… every single month.

This investment will change the landscape of your author business and the financial security of your family.

This go-at-your-own-pace intensive includes...

★ Video presentations packed with information to make the most of your time, including slides that have real examples of ads and real, transparent results.
★ Every video has a TEXT version if that’s how you prefer to consume information. Fair warning, these are long (combined, they’re the length of a novel). That’s how much information is packed into each video.
★ Checkpoints to assess your progress and keep you on track.
★ Monthly Q&A sessions with New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren to ask your questions (These are live but are also recorded for you to watch later.)
★ A Frequently Asked Questions resource center with answers to common issues in both text and audio form. You can submit questions for this, as well.
★ Custom course worksheets, cheat sheets, templates, and other printables that will help you accomplish the goal for that segment – and continue to use after the course.
★ Additional text-based lessons to help you achieve the goal of the week (such as how to use data from ads to improve conversion on your Amazon sales page and what to do if your books are too sexy for Facebook).
★ Go at your own pace! It’s designed to take a month to complete, but you are free to go slower. We know you're busy! Between personal life, writing, and world events right now, it can be hard to sustain focus for 30 straight days. That's why for the first time ever we're introducing the go-at-your-own-pace option.

This go-at-your-own pace intensive costs $987, which includes an information-packed presentations, live Q&A sessions, printable worksheets, text-based lessons, and the social proof of hundreds of authors who have already levelled up their business.



Are you looking for something bigger?

The EMPIRE level is a special offer for $1497 for authors who want to take things to the next level, which includes an ad critique by Skye Warren. This is the only way to guarantee this feedback!

In addition you'll have access to exclusive content I've never shared anywhere else, including...

❧ Book Launch Case Study - In depth analysis of a USA Today bestselling release in 2019, which includes real examples of ads, overall release strategy, and actual numbers. Showing "what I did and how I did it" is the most powerful form of support I can give other authors.

❧ Using Boxed Sets and Other Strategies to Grow - Launch plans and real results from boxed sets I've organized, including what boxed set strategy works for me NOW. (It's not the same as last year.)

❧ Secrets to Evergreen Facebook Ads - Authors are no strangers to hard work. They put in long hours, but marketing doesn't have to be that way. Using these techniques you can continue to run profitable ads for only 15 minutes a day - and even less. If your ads can double your book sales, it may be the only marketing you need. This is a huge part of how I only work four hours a day.


IMPORTANT: Author Ads Intensive is NOT a private coaching program. The course is designed for self study at your own pace. You must put in the work to follow the Facebook ads strategy for it to work...

This course will not help if you don’t actually do it. If you don’t put in the work, you will not see results–and that’s up to you. Due to the immediate access and digital nature of this intensive, we do not offer refunds.

You're not only paying for videos and worksheets. The information in Author Ads Intensive was created from years of experience running profitable ads and teaching hundreds of authors. Please don't sign up unless you’re really willing to do the hard stuff.

Hundreds of authors have successfully completed the course and made their Facebook ads profitable. If you complete the course and don’t have a profitable ad by the end, you can get a full refund. That’s how important your success is to me.

This course will not help if you don’t actually do it. Refunds will only be considered for authors who complete the check-ins within the first 60 days and don’t see book sales. If you don’t put in the work, you will not see results–and that’s up to you.

I’ve been asked for refunds at the beginning of a course when someone realizes they will have to put in work. Before they’ve even tried anything. This is NOT covered under the 100% results guarantee.

Don't sign up unless you’re really willing to do the hard stuff.


We don’t spend time talking about the basics of Facebook in this class. You can find that lots of places for free on Google. What you can’t find are the strategies for using ads to sell books, increasing your income, with real numbers from a seven figure author – that’s only available here.

❧ If you can boost a post, but you aren’t sure how to make it sell more books.
❧ If you can make an ad with a decent cost-per-click, but your bottom line doesn’t seem to be rising.
❧ If you have an open mind and are ready to take your author career to the next level.

❧ If you’re new to Facebook and have never boosted a post or run an ad.
❧ If you have less than three books published right now.
❧ If you don't want to change things to get results...

Growth requires change. Since I want every student in this course to see results, you must be willing to change. Not every author is willing to do that, even if it means selling more books and living more comfortably.

In this course you will work hard, but that doesn’t mean putting in long hours.

That means confronting your self-limiting beliefs and flawed preconceptions of what works. It means approaching advertising with fresh eyes.

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, if you’re motivated, if you’re hungry for it, if you’re willing to do the work, THIS IS FOR YOU.

And now is the time. Ready?


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